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From Boston to Cincinnati| Maritimes, Day 9

9/12/19 - Thursday
After our final hotel buffet breakfast, we were ready to start the journey home. We found out that our Spirit Airlines flight was delayed again, which left us plenty of time to use our last set of United Club passes at the lounge. We lucked out in that we made it for the tail-end of breakfast but also got to indulge in the lunch spread. Plus, I had two vodka cranberries for good measure.  I had plenty of time to get caught up on Instagram while we waited. As I was returning from the buffet with yet another lunch plate, I saw that Francisco was eagerly waving me over. He had just found out that our flight time had been moved back up to fairly close to our original time.  I gulped down my food, and we headed over to our gate, only to hear over the intercom that they were closing the gate, so we had to run through the airport to make it in time. Back in Chicago, we were ready to be picked up by my parents much faster than normal. Traveling with only backpacks made a huge dif…

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