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New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island|Maritimes, Day 3

9/6/19 - Friday
Grappling with the news of Hurricane Dorian heading straight towards us, we had some serious thinking to do over breakfast.
We ultimately decided that we would have to combine today's New Brunswick plans with tomorrow's plans to explore Prince Edward Island (PEI). We were supposed to have one dedicated day each to explore both of these provinces, but the hurricane would be hitting the day we were planning to explore PEI.

Our first stop of the morning was Cape Enrage along the Bay of Fundy, one of the Marine Wonders of the World with tides riding 53 feet over a 12-hour period twice a day.
It was a clear, bright, sunny day. Who would've believed a hurricane was hitting within 24 hours?!
Cape Enrage offers views of this tidal phenomenon from its cliffs.
We headed down to the view the lower area that is only accessible at certain times.  There were plenty of little tide pools with snails and other small sea life.

 You could see the seaweed on the rocks where th…

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