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Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Tickle Pickle & Dojo Gelato

We had a Groupon for Tickle Pickle sitting around for a while, so we finally put it to use (expect to see it in an upcoming vlog!). I've been so focused on video lately that I've been forgetting to take good photos.
I had the Buns N Rose (a vegan black bean burger) with cheese along with a side of Mac N Cheese. Unfortunately, my burger was mostly cold, so I didn't love it. However, the mac n cheese was creamy and tasty with a peppery taste - it was a steal at only $2.00.  Francisco had the Coney Bennett with a vegan hot dog. He thinks this is the Field Roast Frankfurter, which is his fave.  This came with a side of chips, and he chose the barbecue flavor. These turned out to be Grippos, and their barbecue flavor is quite spicy! I think he regretted this decision.  It doesn't look like I got a picture, but we also got the Goobie Brothers (peanut butter and oreo) Shake. THIS was the highlight of the meal - great flavor!  

I've driven past Dojo Gelato in Northside …

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