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Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Hops & Vines

I've been feeling rull busy lately just trying to keep up with things. We actually went out to a few new places over the weekend, so it was nice to change things up. We've been testing a couple of cameras (Sony a5100 and Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II), so that definitely helped push us to get out and shoot more video than we might have otherwise.

We were both rather full after separate large lunches on Friday, so we thought stopping down the road at Marty's Hops & Vines made the most sense. This was because we thought their menu only featured smaller items, but it turns out they actually had a sizable variety to choose from. They have a cocktail menu, but the emphasis here is definitely on the beer and wine (hence, the restaurant name). My Martyrita was great, and Francisco's Marty's Mule was definitely strong on the ginger beer.  Francisco had the Brink Beer Cheese, which is house-made with beer from College Hill's Brink Brewing Co. I had the Avocado and …

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