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Making Friends Online

I did something this weekend that I think some people might find a little strange. I met up with someone whom I'd been chatting with on Craigslist. Despite online relationships becoming more and more commonplace, I think there is still a stigma attached to them, perhaps even more so in the case of certain online friendships.

Long story short, I'd announced to Francisco a few weeks ago that I needed to make friends. For better or worse, I'm just looking for what I refer to as a 'drinking buddy.' Truly just a casual friend to hang out with on the occasional weekend. I perused Craigslist and responded to a few Strictly Platonic personals in both the w4w and m4w sections. Two of the conversations didn't really go anywhere, but my conversation with Paul seemed to be going in an encouraging direction.

After a week or two of chatting, Paul messaged me last week to see if I might be available to get together. Paul is a pilot and is only in town sporadically, although …

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