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July 2018 Disposables

NAIL PRODUCTS 1. Is it just me, or do the splotches on this bottle totally remind you of Nickelodeon? I'd picked up this bottle of L.A. Girl Brites nail polish in this hot pink shade [Dynamite?] back in Lafayette at Gordman's. I'm currently sporting it on my toes; I'm not sure if it was my husband's pedicure skills or just the quality of the polish, but it was a touch too thick and hard to work with, so I decided to toss it.
2. I won this bottle of Holo - Take My Breath Away from Sweet Heart Polish back in October 2013. I absolutely loved this shade, but it's gotten goopy. [Link to the SweetHeartPolish Etsy shop if interested.] 
3. I tried out a one-month subscription to the Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box in August 2013 and ended up with the shade Violet Vixen. This one was also getting too thick. I think that's not too uncommon with indie polishes, and glitter formulas in general are prone to thickening as well.
4. I don't remember where I picked up the

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