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Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Hapa Hour

We've continued our trend all year of not really doing much on the weekend.  This weekend wasn't really much of an exception, but we did try a new restaurant and I hung out with a former colleague for the first you know how I dig new and exciting!

On Friday evening, we were thinking of a simple dinner of sushi from FusaBowl, but it was a pretty gorgeous hot day and I was home from work a little early, so we decided to drive over to OTR and eat at Quan Hapa.
 I was thrilled to see that they have a pretty amazing Happy Hour offering, and all but one of our selections came straight from the Hapa Happy Hour menu.
First off, $5 Specialty Cocktails are nothing to sneeze at, and the Blueberry Lychee drink we ordered was a perfect refreshment for the warm evening. We had the $3 Seasoned Waffle Fries as our appetizer, but I found these a little bland. 
What was definitely not bland was the Cauliflower Okonomiyaki ($6) [Japanese Pancake] that I had as my entree. This was inc…

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