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Water Trauma: Why We Won't Be the Wynns

Last week, I wrote a post about some of my favorite YouTubers, and Gone with the Wynns was rated highly for me. My husband has mentioned more than several times how much he wants to be the Wynns. We recently watched a video where they literally packed up their cat and took him for a walk on an empty island [time 11:25]. I can definitely see the allure - how awesome would it be to live on a boat with our cats [Colby might be okay with this; Zharo would probably hate it]?!  However, I have to remind him that I have not had the best luck with being on the water.

Our first major water outing took place in Puerto Rico where we went kayaking at one of the bioluminescent bays. I believe it was Laguna Grande in Fajardo. We kayaked down a narrow waterway where Francisco nearly impaled us with the pointy tree branches jutting from the surrounding land and then crashed into the kayak in front of us. Not entirely our fault because they were missing their makeshift glowstick brake light.  Forgiva…

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