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Lesotho Border Crossing Back to South Africa| South Africa, Day 10

Monday, September 24, 2018
We loaded our car and went to the main lodge for breakfast. Isaac mentioned that he intended to feed us like royalty, and I realized we might want to mention that we're vegetarians since I think people tend to assume the royals like a lot of meat in the morning.  🤣 There were cereals (like Corn Flakes) set out and one jug of hot milk, so that was the first time I had hot cereal.
There were also some bars of Weet-Bix, eggs, baked beans, and fresh bread. I didn't eat much. While Isaac certainly added some excitement to our trip, I could've done without some of his comments. When he asked about our vegetarian history and Francisco explained when he stopped eating meat, Isaac responded "she tricked you" and laughed. He apparently wanted to go on and have a philosophical conversation about vegetarianism, so he asked "how do you know plants don't feel pain?". I found it far too early to be made to feel like I had to defend my m…

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