Two More Days In Indiana

I just pulled up Francisco's offer letter, and he had traveled to Cincinnati, OH for a second interview with Messer on March 28. He was offered the position, and he accepted a few days later.  Reflecting on the timeline is just amazing...we were looking at the pyramids in Egypt in less than a month following this interview.  The key point here being that on March 27, we had NO travel plans. I love that we were able to pull together an international trip spanning two continents in such a short period of time. I'm still awe-struck though, considering I usually spend months planning - and this was by far the most exotic trip yet! 

While the trip came together relatively smoothly, securing a place to live proved to be more troublesome.  So much waiting - I hate feeling like my hands are tied and there's nothing I can do to get something resolved. But they sent us the lease this week, and Francisco is driving it down tomorrow, and then we move in Saturday!!  I realized I don't have any great pictures of the place - the videos were better - but this one shows you the view from of our kitchen window out to the deck and the backyard and the little stream. THIS is the part I'm most excited about.  There is a window in the kitchen, YES! 

Haha, no, actually it's this nice outdoor space. 

I've been living in the same apartment for close to 6 years now - no balcony or anything. I don't think I realized how much I missed having an outdoor space until the possibility existed to have one. I can just see myself having coffee on the deck in the in the evening...barbecues in the yard. Yay!

I am still worried about our budget - we are effectively doubling our rent and NOT doubling our income.  Yet. Until I find gainful employment.  And I haven't even started looking yet. So, who knows how long that will take? :(

Saying goodbye to Purdue isn't easy. I've really enjoyed working here. We had my 'farewell' party last Friday so we could have cake and everyone could say their goodbyes - which kind of made this week awkward..."why are you still here?" LOL.I received some Purdue memorabilia to remind me of what I'm leaving behind. Oh, how bittersweet life can be.


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