Slimcado, Calamari, and Poutine

Still slowly but surely trying new things from Jungle Jim' this Slimcado I picked up on my last trip.

I had never heard of these but apparently Slimcados have been around for a while.  They're larger than a traditional avocado with less fat, so they end up tasting like a watery avocado. I cut some up to eat with leftover Mexican food, and it was pretty tasty. Added good flavor to the leftovers. But I think I will stick with a traditional avocado, which are just fine by me.

I had made some aioli to go with some vegan calamari I finally gotten around to preparing, and I decided to mix in some Slimcado with the regular aioli to make a slightly chunky 'Slimcado aioli' (along with a side of marinara).  Aioli is so yummy and super easy to make. 
Vegan Calamari with Slimcado Aioli and Marinara Sauce
I also found this package of Poutine Gravy Mix in the Canadian section of Jungle Jim's, so I decided it had been too long since we'd made poutine at home. 


In case you haven't had it, french fries + gravy + cheese curds = poutine.  It's a popular dish in Canada, and most people think it sounds unappetizing at first...but for Pete's sake, people, try it before you pass judgment. ;-)



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