The Home (and Garden) Show

Last weekend, we attended the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show thanks to The Little Things blog. There was tons to see at this huge venue...admittedly, my attention was drawn to the fabulous kitchens and detailed garden landscaping.  It will be so much fun to someday own our own place to deck out. :)
Cincinnati Home and Garden Show
Our lease on our current house is running out...just a couple more months really.  And we're really conflicted about what we want to do.  We've spent a couple weekends going out to look at open houses, dragging our feet on actually officially starting the house hunting process.

We've looked at a mix of condos and houses, and there's bits and pieces that each of us like - like I love the patio on this house we looked at Sunday! And the price is right...but we're not sure about the neighborhood.
I'm not entirely convinced this is the right time for us...I'd really like to have a job first. And with me not having a job, there's a question as to how much the bank might even approve us for.  We're still so new to the area, we don't really know where would be the optimal neighborhood to focus on. I know that I don't want to deal with a long commute, whereas Francisco is much more flexible with how far he's willing to drive. Maybe the solution is to just keep renting until I figure out the job situation.

We do love lots of things about our current place - probably not a house we'd want to own, but it has good square footage, the layout is good, and we love love love our backyard space.  We see deer and other animals so frequently, it will be so sad to leave that behind.  Of course, there are bad sides - parking can be tricky, and the house just doesn't have all the features we would prefer.  But it won't be the worst thing ever if we maybe stay here another year...  
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