Frugal June

I was super excited last month because we finally had a month without a car payment...and then we had a bunch of other auto expenses hit in June, so we were right back where we were in April. At least it will only be a one-month blip.
Auto & Transport: So, the bad news is we spent the same amount as we did when we last had a car payment in April, but the good news is that we spent 40% less than we did the year previously.  Our Auto Insurance is due in June, and we pay that every 6 months. We also had to renew our licenses this month, plus we got an oil change for my car.

Bills & Utilities: We spent 200% more this June, but that is just timing of the energy bill. I went to Duke and changed our pay date, so hopefully this can be more consistent in the future.

Entertainment: This was 226% higher this year because we went to The Rook for a night out. I dumped it into Entertainment, but realistically, it could even go into Food & Dining since the bill was just for food and drinks; you don't have to pay for the games.    

Fees & Charges: Ugh. Don't get me started on how I abhor paying completely avoidable fees. This was my fault. I set-up some transfers from our checking account but didn't take into account that the rent check hadn't cleared yet. Womp womp. 5/3 pulled the funds from our linked credit card, charging us an overdraft fee, plus we have to pay a finance charge on the cash advance from the credit card. Double ugh.

Food & Dining: 46% less this year! Now that is a feat because it was my birthday month, and normally we would be going out to eat a tonnnn.  In Restaurant $, we only spent $71 - that's 80% less than last year.

Gifts & Donations: Last year, Francisco took me to see The Book of Mormon in Chicago. Priccccey. This year he spent $16.50 on some Abby Girl cupcakes. I also picked up a cool looking bottle of alcohol at Jungle Jim's for my dad.  Needless to say, we spent 95% less than last year.

Health & Fitness: Darn Francisco's stupid allergies and expensive Allegra.

Home: No change in the price of rent. (I had taken this out previously since it should always be the same, but I've added it back in to give a truer representation of our spending.)

Pets: My co-worker had told me how she started using pellets in place of cat litter. Once she said she paid like $6.00 for a 40-lb bag, I was like, OK, we're trying this.  We picked some up from Tractor Supply, and it seems to have been working out fine.

Shopping: This looks very skewed because we returned a camera last year. Also, I bought shoes from TJMaxx, DSW, and Shoe Carnival this month, but I've returned the majority of them. I have three pairs from Shoe Carnival that I'm probably keeping. (I'm very indecisive with my shoes!)

Travel: The only expense this month was for the AirBNB we booked in Paris. Hopefully, we'll get some more of our trip booked soon.

Summary: It looks like we only spent 4% less this year, which isn't very impressive at all. However, if we account for the camera return, then we spent 12% less, so that's a little better.

We're done with June, and that means we're halfway through the year, so I hope to have a mid-year report out soon! Please let me know if there are other details you would like to see included in these reports as we try to be eh, at least a little more frugal.  


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