Baby Bella

We had a pretty jam-packed Saturday this weekend. We drove up to Chicago, probably leaving home around 8 AM. Our first stop was my parents' house to spend a little time with the family and have one last family game gathering before my brother hit the road to Washington on Sunday. Sigh, I still don't want to even think too much about him moving - breaks my heart!

After a couple hours, we drove in to Chicago to go see The Book of Mormon at the PrivateBank Theatre. Francisco had gotten me tickets to the 2:00 show for my birthday. I had a pretty emotional reaction to this gift. I know that he meant well and wanted to get me something fun, but Cincinnati hosts good Broadway shows as well, and I would've rather seen a show in town vs. driving all the way to Chicago. His reasoning was that we were going up to Chicago anyway this weekend, which might have been valid if (a) we'd actually had more time in the city to dine out, maybe stay in a nice hotel and (b) there hadn't been so many other things I wanted to do with our limited time in town.  I was sad that I had limited time with my family, and I was hoping to do something more as a belated birthday celebration, perhaps squeeze in time to see my favorite cousin and make an appearance at a friend's Baby Shower.
While the circumstances were somewhat disappointing, the show itself was enjoyable.  It's a religious satire from the creators of South Park, and it is just as crude and offensive as you would expect anything done by these guys to be lol.  So, definitely not a family friendly affair, but it is a riot! I would recommend it.
It was a 2.5-3 hour show, so we were back in Hammond by around 6:00 PM and we headed to Francisco's family's house for a few we could meet our new niece Bella!  Isabella Alicia Sophia Filipiak was born on the 4th of July - incidentally, she now shares the same birthday as my mother-in-law!
With the proud momma
Whew, it was a long, emotional day! We drove part of the way back home and stayed at a Super 8 off of 65 and completed the drive home in the AM.  


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