Michigan Again - and a Home Visit

Lots of yummy food this weekend accompanied with a trip home and on to Muskegon, Michigan.  We had dinner at Jalapenos the first night.

Jalapenos Spinach & Cheese Enchiladas, Queso Fundido, and a Margarita
On the road Friday morning, we stopped at McDonald's for a morning pick-me-up because their frappes are oh so yummy. They apparently had a 30 second guarantee, and our frappe was not ready at the second window within 30 seconds, so we have a coupon for a free Big Mac or Egg McMuffin if anyone is interested. (It doesn't do a whole lot of good for vegetarians - although I guess we could get the McMuffin without meat.)

This road trip started out much better than the last one earlier this month. Oh, what a difference not being on a diet can make. ;-) Plus, the sun was shining for most of the day, so that was a welcome bonus. 

Our journey first took us to Muskegon, but we stopped in Grand Rapids on the way back.

I had asked my mom if she wanted to come along, so I had someone to play with while I waited for my husband to complete his interview. (This is the second one we've gone to in Michigan.) Her and I ended up just driving around town while we waited. We spotted this crazy fella just walking around on this frozen body of water. 

Boy, was it a cold day to be out on the lake!

After the interview, we headed over to Derby Station for lunch in Grand Rapids.

Very tasty!

I also kept seeing signs for Bibbgy Coffee, and I love trying new coffee shops, so we ended up stopping there for a Butter Bear frozen latte.

On the drive there, we had seen a couple of billboards for 'The Chocolate Garden' - I was intrigued, so we ended up stopping there on the way back. We only had like 10 minutes to shop before they closed, so we made some quick decisions and got Sticky Bun Truffles and Drinking Chocolate Mix.

Getting back to my hometown, we decided that we hadn't eaten enough that day, so we went to Loubie's Pancake House for dinner. A friend of mine had raved about their Oreo Pancakes and Nutella Crepes, so I found myself desperately wanting to try them. 

Our last stop of the weekend was the next day at DMK Burger Bar in Chicago.  They had a couple of veggie burger options, but I was more excited to try their fries. I ordered the Parmesan and Truffle Cream Fries, and we also asked for an order of the Wisconsin Cheese and Scallion. ...And then the waitress asked, "are you guys vegetarian?" Le sigh. She went on to explain that the fries are cooked in beef fat. Major bummer. Oddly enough, their other fried appetizers are cooked in canola oil, so she ended up comping us some Chili-Rubbed Onion Strings because I think she could sense our immense disappointment.

A major reason we wanted to go there was because they supposedly had one of the best milkshakes in Chicago, and the Peanut Butter Shake was pretty darn delicious.


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