Birthday Week...with Sprinkles!

Sunday kicked off the week leading up to my birthday. I've always like the idea of having this extended birthday recognition. You get one day a year that is all about 'you', and this is the last time you will ever be this young!

What does a birthday week mean exactly? Eh, nothing too special usually. Just an excuse to eat too much and give you first dibs on choosing what show to watch in the evening. :-P  And to be fair, it's not just me who gets a birthday week - that would be selfish, right?!  I like to have an extended celebration for everyone in my family or close friends.  Some people just don't appreciate birthdays as much as I do though LOL. 

I went to Sephora over the weekend to use the birthday coupon they sent me, and I found this Nails Inc Sprinkles Special Effects nail polish on sale.  Marked down to $2! They only had Topping Lane, which is perhaps a bit too pink for me (I'd love to see this with a purple base), but it does totally remind me of cupcake sprinkles. So, it seemed like the perfect way to start my birthday week. 

Nails Inc Special Effects Topping Lane

The formula for this nail polish was really excellent - it applied very easily and clean-up was minimal.  I am wearing two coats - one coat definitely left a visible nail line. Three coats might actually be optimal. 


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