Jungle Jim's

Anyone who knows me at least a little should be able to attest to the fact that I love trying new things. My personal saying is "I'll try anything once. Twice to be fair." This holds especially true when it comes to food - I absolutely love trying new restaurants or sampling new products. This recent move to Ohio leaves me exactly 8.2 miles from Jungle Jim's International Market. And I couldn't be more thrilled!  I visited this store once before when I visited this part of Ohio a couple years ago. Loved it then and love it even more now. Since now it's 'local'.  :)

If you've never heard of Jungle Jim's, there's no easy way to describe it beyond just telling you it deserves a visit. It's a grocery store, but it is definitely not your everyday grocery store. As the name implies, it's international with separate aisles in the store for different countries. Whenever I try to explain this place in greater detail, I usually say it is so big, that there is a separate map just for the wine and beer section.

The deal is that I can try one new product every time I shop there. Well, at least one. ;-) So far this has mostly just been alcohol, haha. First of all, I bought this little bottle of Choya Umeshu made with Japanese Plums. It was strong! 

My second selection from the wine department was almost solely because of the bottle - this was a Riesling from Germany. I had a glass with some gouda mac and cheese I made recently, and it paired wonderfully. 

We also stocked up on some Indian food while we were there, and we even found Vegan Calamari. Haven't tried it yet, so hopefully it's good!

I also had a gift certificate for nakedwines.com. I had to order 6 bottles minimum, so I picked out a variety.  The box arrived with 'Insert Happy Hands Here' on the side. How can hands be anything but happy when a box of wine arrives at your door?!


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