BzzAgent Private Selections

Still getting settled in at the new place and trying to get caught up with all of the extra expenses that result from when BzzAgent invited me to a campaign offering lots of free food, I was super excited!  Number one, I love trying new foods, and two, I love saving money - especially on everyday necessities like groceries. 

My campaign materials arrived in the mail last weekend, so I headed out to Kroger to collect all five free Private Selections products. BzzAgent provided the opportunity for me to sample all of these products free of charge and provide my feedback on their website.

There was a decent selection to choose from at the grocery store as far as variety, but I ended up taking home the following products: Harvest Grain Sliced Bread, Parmesan Herb Panko Bread Crumbs, Dark Amber Maple Syrup, Red Tart Michigan Cherry Preserves, and Sweet and Spicy Signature Rub.

I made banana walnut pancakes with fresh mango for breakfast to give the maple syrup a try. I also tried the cherry preserves on one pancake for some variety.  I think I will feature the preserves and Harvest grain bread in a snack this afternoon. I will have to whip up a couple more recipes this week to try the rub and Panko bread crumbs - I'm thinking macaroni and cheese (my fave!) and seasoned seitan.     


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