Welcome to CCHMC

The past week or so has brought a lot of changes to our household! I interviewed for a Financial Analyst position at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) in the Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (I know - that's a mouthful!), and they moved pretty quickly to get me hired. It was a pretty extensive onboarding process - drug test, vaccination history review, TB test, background check, etc. I was pretty excited just to have the prospect of getting out of the house and getting back to work. Unfortunately, this is structured to only be a temporary position, so I am not sure what the future holds, but I'm glad to be back in the working world in the meantime!

With a job offer came the immediate need for a second car. We've been getting by okay with just the one - Francisco's job was flexible enough that he could take the time to drive me to an interview if necessary.  And it might not have been a problem just a few months ago when we basically would have been working at the exact same location. The company he works for does a lot of work with the hospital, so his office was literally across the street. But...he transferred to a different campus this year that is about 25 miles north  to work on the Expansion and Cancer Treatment projects. So, literally, the day before I started working at Children's, we bought a new car. And with our narrow driveway, one-car garage, and no street parking, we have started the most annoying game of car juggling. :-P
I am one of the most directionally-challenged people like ever, and I recently reflected on the fact that my last two jobs have been at a college campus and now a hospital. Could I pick any more complicated places to get around?  I have two pages of notes to get to my office (luckily, I refer to that less and less, but I still haven't trusted myself to throw them away yet).  Children's is the third-ranked children's hospital in the country (#1 for cancer care), and it is HUGE!  I drive in every day and take a shuttle onto the main campus and still have about a five-minute walk to get to my department.

So...I will leave you with a pic of my nails on my new steering wheel...just because!


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