Fresh Start

Fresh starts always bring me a rush of excitement...but frequently disappoint. I look forward to New Year's, the start of a fresh year, the promise of many things to come, and then look back as the year wears on, wondering where all the time has gone. I've moved twice in the past couple years, and both times, even through all the frustrations and inevitable hard work that goes into moving, I looked forward to settling in at a fresh place, making memories, and outfitting a new home. There always seems to be something...lacking. Heck, sometimes, I even look forward to Mondays, the start of a fresh week, a chance to accomplish some goals and keep moving forward with work and life.

I think moving to Cincinnati has always left me feeling somewhat unsettled. We don't know anyone here, and I'm just awful at making new friends (introverts unite!...separately?)...but I looked forward to discovering fresh restaurants and parks and exploring everywhere. Sadly, it still seems like we just don't get out and do as much as I had hoped. We obviously hit some pretty big speed bumps our first year here (car accident and burglary), but it wasn't anything we couldn't overcome.

We're further away from family and friends then we would ultimately like, but I've realized that the people who want to see you will make time to see you. My brother, who works full-time and is enrolled in grad school, has come to visit us many times over, whereas many of the other people we used to be close with offer excuses or most commonly, state some meaningless version of "let me know the next time you'll be in town!" The simplest answer is I won't be in town. Unless I have plans. But then I am in town because of those plans. Living 4 - 5 hours away just doesn't leave a lot of play time. However, I am always clear to say that we can make plans! Relationships are rarely convenient across time and distance, but that doesn't mean they're not worth the extra effort! I'm left wondering if my words are just being misconstrued or interpreted as insincere, but I've always stood behind the "Say what you mean, and mean what you say" mantra. To be fair, I recognize that there are some legitimate reasons why visiting isn't always easy, but some people would be surprised as to how many of those are actually controllable. :-P But I'm not bitter, lol. No, seriously - life's too short to make excuses and to hold on to grudges.

Anyways, I may be getting off topic here...point being, I've found myself looking at another fresh start. And I have that budding excitement feeling but also that persistent trepidation. I'm starting a new job on Monday. (Well, I'm starting a 3-day series of orientation for a new job.) Back in March, I began working as a Financial Analyst at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. It was only supposed to be a three-month temporary position, but my supervisor had extended it and hoped to make it full-time. But the funding for the position wasn't approved with the last request, and there was no guarantee that it ever would be. I need a long-term position, so I didn't want to risk losing employment.

So, I'm reprising my Business Manager role, this time in the Women's Health department at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Seems fitting in that it combines my experience as a Business Manager in Higher Education with my financial analysis experience in Health Care. But there is a twist here in that I've agreed to stay on with Children's and keep working as an analyst, so I now have two jobs, lol!  At least for a few months. :-P Or assuming that I pass the litany of drug tests and health screenings I was poked and prodded for today.
So, a big fresh start is coming, and I'm nervous and excited. And I hope it will bring good things for us! A renewed excitement for our city, more energy to seek new adventures, another step forward in my career, and a fresh appreciation for all the twists and turns that life will always bring. While I still have that nagging, anxious feeling that always accompanies stressful situations for me, I'm looking forward to this new position. I'm not a big fan of transitions though - I like to be settled, so I'm ready to fast forward a few months - or years, LOL - until I have a good handle on this position and we have a good work-life balance. One step at a time! 


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