Pure Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

Product: As the Pure Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask "gently dries on your face, it draws out excess oils, impurities & grime from your skin. At the same time your skin is infused with ancient Dead Sea minerals and essential oils. This mask leaves your face clean, fresh and blemish free. Used weekly, your complexion will gain a new clarity and all-day glow."

At Pure & Essential Minerals, they "seek out the world's most ancient natural beauty regimens - timeless skin care remedies that help promote radiant skin. These include Dead Sea minerals, organic Moroccan argan oil, hemp seed oil and more."
Application: This product comes in a jar, so make sure your fingers and nails are very clean before dipping in. The mask has kind of a liquidy muddy texture, not too think. It smelled like eucalyptus oil and made my face tingly. It was almost a little too strong as it left my eyes watering as well.  I left it on for about 5-10 minutes and then removed with a wash cloth.   When rinsing it off in the shower, I did detect more of the sulfury smell you expect in a mud mask.

Verdict: This mask leaves your skin feeling refreshed afterwards.

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