Wednesday Weekend Recap

Colby is at the vet today - getting neutered and having one of his teeth removed - and I have to admit that I've been kind of nervous about it and have tried not to think about it too much. He has an extra canine tooth and his gum is inflamed. I still think about Travyss daily, so anything involving anesthesia makes me uneasy. We need to be better about brushing our cats' teeth, so we can avoid them having any dental procedures in the future.

After Francisco's favorite place in town closed down [M Wood Fired Oven], he replaced it fairly quickly with Maribelle's Eat + Drink. We both really like this place - everything is so fresh and flavorful. And Francisco definitely likes to work it into our regular rotation. We had another enjoyable dinner, featuring the Worker Bee Cocktail, Truffle Fries, Brussels, Cheese, and a Pumpkin Pie and Corn Bread dessert. I love how my husband praised the drinks - we shared 3 during our meal - saying "it's like a proper cocktail with a meld of flavors, not just alcohol with some other stuff dumped in."
Maribelle's Eat + Drink
Francisco had to work all morning on Saturday, so we didn't head out until the afternoon. We stopped at Cucinova for lunch, which I'll talk about in another post. We did some shopping at Kohl's, Pier 1 Imports, The Container Store, and ended up doing some more furniture browsing with a final shopping stop at Trader Joe's. I also just had to stop for a Pumpkin Cheesecake Shake at Arby's.
Halloween night and our exciting plans were to hang out with the cats.
Sunday morning we made Pumpkin Rolls that we had picked up at Trader Joe's, ordered Indian for lunch, and watched as many scary movies as I could convince Francisco to put u
I just hate it when Francisco ends up working weekends - so much of our limited time together is sucked away. 


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