Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up

On Friday, we finally brought the car in for some recall maintenance, which meant that I got a ride into work and picked up after! Since we had a head start on the evening, we headed downtown to try Mita's. Chef Jose Salazar named this restaurant after his Colombian grandmother, his "Mita". The menu features tapas as well as ceviches, cheeses, etc.
As all good meals should start, we ordered a cocktail first - the Mezcal Manhattan. I promptly remembered that I dislike tequila-based cocktails, so I turned this over to the husband. [Margaritas are the only known exception to this rule.]
We took our time to pick and choose our way through the menu, and ended up with two tapas: Coliflor Asada and Warm Marinated Olives and Drunken Goat Cheese. We chose three Quesos for the cheese platter. The nice thing about lighter meals like these is there is still room for dessert [not that we wouldn't have ordered it anyway - we just would've left feeling a lot heavier.] We tried the Dark Chocolate Tort and Spain's version of a creme brulee.
Post-dinner selfie
Saturday morning began with a quick jaunt to Kentucky to Carabello Coffee. I kind of crossed paths with this list of 10 Hot Coffee Shops, so I sort of want to try all of them. Ah, this is my life.  Carabello's "mission is to artisan roast exceptional coffees and then use the profits to fund "works of compassion." And they do that both here in our own Cincinnati community as well as abroad in places like Nicaragua and Kenya. The tag line is "Coffee & Compassion in Tandem".  We tried a Butter Pecan Latte and a Pumpkin Spice Latte and shared an almond croissant. I tend to like my coffee sweet, so both lattes were a little too bitter for me.
Carabello Coffee
So, guess what we did with the rest of our day. If you guessed visiting a whole lotta furniture stores, you've hit it on the nose. Francisco said he wishes he would have counted how many couches we sat on.  We finally narrowed it down to 2. They're both gray - one is in horrible fluorescent lighting in the top picture, and the bottom picture is in too soft of lighting and it ends up looking brown. So, don't pay too much attention to photo quality. :-P
We needed lunch to refresh, so we stopped at the Cock & Bull Public House. We went to the one in Glendale, which is one of the quaintest areas I've seen around here.
Cock & Bull Public House
We stopped at the hardware store to pick up supplies for our latest project. On our way home, we stopped at Graeter's for a Pumpkin Spice Sundae. So, it turns out that they were having their Fall Bakery Tasting and they had a tooonnnn of samples out. I damn near tried every single one of them. :-P
On Sunday morning, we FINALLY made it to the theater to see The Martian. Francisco and I both read the book, and we both really liked it. He shared this comic with me, and now I always think of this when I think of The Martian.
It was a good movie, but definitely long. Afterwards, we got some Coldstone Creamery ice cream since it's been forever since we've gotten anything from there. The only Coldstone around here is in Kentucky, so it's not always convenient to get to.
Cuz' apparently it's Christmas
So, no joke, no big decision I ever make is complete without a spreadsheet and many hours of mulling. We'd started the spreadsheet last night, and...well, I really felt like I needed to look at the couches one more time. Francisco wasn't too happy with this plan, but he knows me all too well. After many weeks of idle searching, we've decided on the couch below. It was a little higher-priced, but we found it online for at least $100 less than the in-store price. It felt soft yet supportive, and I liked that all the cushions are reversible so you can easily hide a stain.
I'll probably still have buyer's remorse because that's just part of being me, but it feels good to have finally made a decision!


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