UK & Ireland, Day 0: The Chicago Decision

Tuesday, 5/24/16

I think I mentioned before that we had made the questionable decision to fly out of Chicago for our British Isles trip. We ran a bunch of different pricing scenarios, and it was clear that this option would save us several hundred dollars. It would cost us 10+ hours in the car, and we'd have to deal with O'Hare, but I'm very budget-conscious, so it's no surprise that we ended up going this way. Our plan was for my parents to drop us off at the airport, so we could avoid paying for parking. I figure even with the extra gas we used driving to Chicago, we made up for it by not having to pay for airport parking. Plus, they could spend time with their grandcats!

We both worked a few hours on Tuesday, then met up at home to load the car and hit the road. The kitties were not too happy about this part. Zharo wandered around a bit, then settled back in his cage for the majority of the trip. Colby cried for around the first couple hours, which prompted Zharo to cry a bit. Eventually, they both relaxed enough to have a relatively calm second half of the trip.
We got to Hammond around 4:30, and I had a decent size headache settling in - me and summer road trips just don't seem to get along anymore. My brother was just getting off work, so we checked to see if he was up for going out to dinner. He had had nothing but good things to say about True BBQ & Whiskey Bar - I was dubious: I'm a vegetarian, and I don't like whiskey. Perfect example of why you shouldn't pre-judge a place. They actually had an impressive vegetarian selection, and while my headache left me not feeling up for a drink, there were plenty of other cocktails that didn't feature whiskey as the prime ingredient.
True BBQ & Whiskey Bar Shaved BBQ Seitan Sandwich Salted Caramel Bourbon Mascarpone Napoleon
Francisco and I shared a Shaved BBQ Seitan Sandwich that comes with vegan coleslaw and fries. The sandwich was really tasty, and the seitan was crispy without being too hard. We all shared the Salted Caramel Bourbon Mascarpone Napoleon, which is very sizable, definitely a good size for three people to share. Sadly, I was too full to really appreciate this massive dessert, so I may have to give this another try sometime.

Back at home, we got ready for bed, but sleep didn't come easy even though we knew we had an early wake-up call in the AM. It was uncomfortably warm, and I was still struggling with the remnants of my headache and pre-vacation anxiety. 


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