Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Let Them Have Cake

For our simple meal of burgers and fries, I did a quick Google search to find a quick cocktail we could whip up using what limited supplies we already had on hand.  I selected the Bee's Knees, which only needed gin, lemon juice, and honey. I think we've tried a variation of this at a restaurant or two around town.  It's definitely one of those cocktails that's a perfect balance of strong and sweet.
I realized we hadn't made burgers at home in forever, and they were so delicious. I'm vegetarian, not vegan, but the Boca vegan patties have been my fave store-bought patty for a while now. We made grilled onions to go on the burgers, and omg, those are the perfect addition. So good and definitely easy for a quick Friday night meal.  
It was Zharo's pre-birthday weekend - he's 6 years old! Francisco made the whole family a Tres Leches cake to enjoy.
I know, I know; that kind of food isn't good for kitties, but we just gave them a tiny piece to enjoy.
Swear, these guys make the best snuggle buds.
In between bursts of finishing an entire Tres Leches sheet cake on Sunday, I did my nails using Zoya Pixie polish and Trust Fund Beauty polish in Champagne Socialite from the 2015 GLOSSYBOX Holiday edition.


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