Weekend Wind-Up: First Meal Out of 2017

We went out to eat for the first time all year last weekend!  I basically just let Francisco pick, and he chose Mazunte Taqueria. I was kind of surprised he went this direction since he had free reign, and he knows how much I already love this place. We had virtually an identical meal to the last time we were there.  The biggest change is that it's no longer a self-serve margarita bar; instead, you have to bring your cup up to the salsa station to get your drink.
It's still the only place we've been out to eat all year, and I think it's a solid choice. High quality food served quickly at a fairly affordable price point.  
But that was the extent of our outside adventures that weekend. I don't mind so much when it's real cold out. I kinda just want to snuggle up like these adorable kitties.   
We made a Lemon Crunch Cake that was pretty tasty. It ended up being like a lemony angel food cake. We've gone back and forth on whether it's a recipe worth keeping or not, and ultimately, we decided it made the cut. 
I also happened to see a recipe for a simple Peanut Butter Pie that I really wanted to make [similar recipe here]. Don't worry; we waited until Monday to make this one so we literally didn't have two huge desserts to eat our way through over the weekend.  
Francisco decided to take on the challenge of making beer cheese. He loves this stuff, so I'm surprised it took him this long. Unfortunately, beer cheese necessitates beer, which neither of us enjoy. I made a gallant effort to get through as much of this large can as possible, but then I remembered, hey, beer is supposed to be good for your hair! So, I was able to not waste it by dumping it on my head instead.  ;)
We heard a noise downstairs on Sunday night and ran down to investigate. The kitties were torturing this very large, creepy AF spider. It looks like they'd already taken off a few of his legs! 
I woke up to very sad news on Monday morning, and it hasn't been a very good week. Such is life, eh? :/


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