January 2017 Disposables

1. The Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner is meant to replace both your shampoo and conditioner. Since my roots can get quite oily, I find that I need a dedicated shampoo. I think this is great if you have normal to dry hair. My husband was low on conditioner, so I passed the remainder of this sample on to him to finish off.
2. I'm not sure if this Alterna Caviar Shampoo sample was just sitting around for too long, but it was a bit chunky when I opened it.  The first time I used it, I noticed that I had little pieces of hardened shampoo in my hair after I got out of the shower. I used the remainder as a shaving cream substitute.  
3. The Nicole fragrance is pretty strong. It's not my favorite, but I was fine with using it at work if I needed a fragrance refresher.  
4&5. Fragrances tested for product evaluation survey.
1. The Body Shop Body Butters are incredibly thick nourishing body moisturizers. Francisco had gotten me several Body Shop products a couple years ago, and he'd actually used this Cocoa Butter one for a while. I decided to finish off the tub in hopes that it would help my uber dry winter skin.
2. This Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Shower Gel from B&BW was a perfectly scented soap for fall (into winter) weather.   
3. The Burt's Bees Honey & Grapeseed Hand Cream smells so much like honey, I insisted my mom try it to see for herself when she visited over Christmas. However, it's a little slow to absorb, and I don't love the consistency.
4.  I kept the Julep Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener at work. It had a slightly odd fragrance that I didn't love.
5. I kept this B&BW mini lotion stashed on a shelf under my coffee table for easy access.  
1-3. Biore nose strips - I doubled up on these to try and target the large pores on my cheeks, which is why so many were used this month.  
4. Biore Baking Soda Pore Cleanser
6. Face cream from my January Sephora box.  
7. Vichy Cleanser from my January 2015 GLOSSYBOX. I prefer more of a make-up removing oil.
8. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser from Sephora The Great Cleanse collection.  
1. The lightest shade in this sample set of Anastasia DIPBROW Pomade was Medium Brown, but I found that to be way too dark. I always think I have super dark eyebrows until I try an eyebrow product in a dark shade. Anyways, while the shade selection wasn't right for me, I rather liked this product, and I think I will try it in a different color when I need to purchase more eyebrow products.  Maybe taupe?
2. I think the Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer pales in comparison to the Urban Decay primer I prefer. I definitely would notice a fair amount of creasing with certain eye shadows. 
3. AmorePacific CC Cream from the last Sephora box.  
4. The Pur Correcting Primer was not a good fit for my skin type.
5. While I wasn't terribly impressed with this Urban Decay setting spray when it first showed up in my December 2016 Sephora box, I kinda came around to it.  It's a nice alternative to a setting powder in the dry winter months. My biggest complaint was it started haphazardly spurting out instead of evenly misting as I used up more and more of the product.  
6. The IPKN Radiant Primer came in my January 2016 Birchbox.  



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