Ohio State Fair 2017

I won free passes to the Ohio State Fair in Columbus (also a free pork lunch, but that didn't do me any good). With the deadly accident that had occurred the week before, I felt a little hesitant, but we decided to head up there on Saturday morning.
Our taste journey began with Deep Fried Cookie Dough and Deep Fried S'mores.  Of the two, I preferred the cookie dough, but I didn't love the batter for either one.  
To cleanse our palate from that super-sweet s'more, we headed to the nearby booth to pick up some Cheese on a Stick.
We stopped in to check out this guy and his awesome beard of bees.
The highlight of my day was most certainly this delicious Raspberry Lemon Shake-up that we had.
And of course I loved visiting all the animals.
There was a small butterfly house we walked through.
And before the day was over, we also indulged in some Cheese Curds, some Deep-Fried Buckeyes, a Pineapple/Orange Swirl Dole Whip, and a Strawberry Lemon Shake-Up for the road.
Needless to say, we left the Ohio State Fair plenty full!


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