Frugal July

Auto & Transport: With just the cost of gas this month, our expenses were 79% lower than last year.

Bills & Utilities: This is artificially 32% lower this year. It doesn't include the Internet expense, and last year had two Internet bills paid in July.

Entertainment: 46% higher this year. We darted up to Put-in-Bay for a day trip, and this was the cost of the ferry.

Fees & Charges: This was my bad. Finance charge on the cash advance from the credit card {see June's post for more details.}

Food & Dining: Only 29% lower this month. Our restaurant spending picked up a lot, although it was still 42% lower than last year.

Gifts & Donations: 60% lower this year.  Francisco got me bluetooth headphones for my birthday, although we ended up returning them because they broke. Last year's expenses were actually baby shower gifts for my friend Vanessa and gifts for my mother-in-law and brother.

Health & Fitness: We finally went to a dentist to have our teeth cleaned in Cincinnati! Technically, we went to the dentist last year and I had an exam done, but I was there with a coupon that didn't include cleaning. This year we signed up for dental insurance because I thought I had cavities. At least that's what the last dentist told me! Long story short, since we didn't have dental insurance last year, when they said I had some cavities to fill, I decided to put it off till this year when we could sign up for insurance.  I fully expected to be getting fillings, but nothing! There were a couple of teeth they noted to keep an eye on, but they didn't require fillings and they didn't try to up-sell us at all.  Ohmigosh, I liked this place so much better. If you're in Cincinnati, I recommend Lowitz & Meier.

Home: Rent.

Pets: 16% lower this year.

Shopping: Overall, it was 149% lower this year. I returned some more shoes. We bought a couple of SD Cards because one of ours was on its last legs, and we realized we didn't have a back-up.  Francisco made use of his personal spending budget and picked up a wireless speaker and computer headset. I also returned the Foreo Luna I'd bought at Sephora a little while ago.  [I am a chronic returner.]

Travel: We got the rental car booked for our upcoming trip! Still much more to reserve!

Summary: We spent 31% less than last year. Woohoo, that's like 1/3 less, so I'm happy to see that! 


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