Carpe Noctem...and Paint Your Nails

I love the name of this nail polish brand I recently discovered. Carpe Noctem = Seize the night. It's an indie brand, and I ordered four mini bottles from their Etsy site.  I like that she has smaller sizes, so you can try a few different products with a smaller price tag. All four are glitter toppers of sorts.  

carpe noctem

carpe noctem
Since I treated this as a belated birthday gift to myself, I also stopped at KBShimmer to check out their selection. They have the prettiest looking glitter nail polishes ever, and it was hard to narrow it down to the ones I really wanted. I ended up picking out the six lovelies below - these are all minis as well, so I felt justified in choosing half a dozen.  ;-)

Unfortunately, I haven't actually done my nails with any of the KB collection yet.  My Birchbox came Monday and it included another nail polish this month, so I felt obligated to try out that color. Which I didn't love. But it reminded me of mint ice cream. So, I used the Carpe Noctem Cream and Confetti for sprinkles and Nubar Black Polka Dot on my thumb for Mint Chocolate Chip.


Before that, I played around with a dotting tool and striping tape with a base of Julep Sienna and Julep Morgan on top. I haven't really tried using things like this before, so hopefully the results will improve with time LOL.   

julep sienna; julep morgan
So, I lied.  I started this post yesterday, when my nails were still a dissatisfying mint. But I had time to try out KBShimmer's Iris My Case. I really like it. It applied really easily, although I think I maybe could have gone with a fourth coat. It's three coats in the photo below - it does start out really sheer and builds up. The glitters never got too chunky to work with, which I was vaguely concerned about. Haha, my only regret may be buying the smaller bottle size! ;-)


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