Yelp, So Much Good Food!

We finally made it out to Findlay Market on Saturday.  This is Ohio's oldest public market, and it features a farmers' market along with local vendors and dining, among other options. There were some cute products, so I definitely intend to go back again.  

After debating what to do with the rest of our day after a few hours of shopping, we decided to make it a game day and mix up some drinks. We made a Strawberry Lemonade mixed drink and an orange peach concoction.  Haha, this led to the most interesting game of charades ever.   

We also made a stop at Django Western Taco this weekend and tried their Veggie Tacos and one of the best Strawberry Shortcakes I have ever had. 

django western taco
I've made it a point to Yelp about the restaurants we've tried, and so far we have been to around 30-40 new places in the two months since we've lived here.  My goal is to do one new restaurant a week, at least. I really had to rein it in, both for budget purposes as well as our health!  The scale was definitely starting to creep up there, and the several week-long hiatus I took from exercising during the moving process certainly didn't help!

So, a whole grain waffle with vanilla Greek yogurt and lots of fresh fruit kicked off my Monday morning. Half a falafel wrap for lunch and about to heat up the leftover pizza from last night for dinner. Heh, it's a process. ;-) 

There is just so much new food to try!  And so much of it has been so goooood! Like this amazing pizza from Mellow Mushroom, which may or may not be the best pizza I've ever tried.  

mellow mushroom
Incidentally, the whole mushroom experience went perfectly with my psychedelic nails, courtesy of a trip for some random shopping and nail polish sampling.

And now a tribute to some of my favorite new foods since we've lived here.

Tom + Chee, home of the grilled cheese donut (and an amazing grilled macaroni and cheese) is a MUST for grilled cheese lovers everywhere. 

tom + chee
I love the idea of fancy cupcakes - they always look so cute!  Sadly, I'm usually overwhelmed by their sweetness, but Abby Girl has beautiful cupcakes with a perfect amount of sweetness. So good!  

abby girl sweets
The Taste of Belgium is a popular restaurant downtown; while I found the Belgian waffles rather ho-hum, the Belgian Toasts were wonderful during a recent Sunday brunch.  

Schnitzel in pita from the vegetarian and kosher Israeli and Mediterranean Kinneret Cafe

 Here's to trying new things!:)


  1. My god, you have a Mellow Mushroom there? LUCKY! Andrew and I ate at one in Pigeon Forge the first night we arrived. The food was so very delicious that I had to fight myself to stick to my "a new restaurant for every meal" vacation rule. I will be extremely eager to go there for dinner should Andrew, John and I ever make a trip out there. :-)

  2. Yes! Seriously a top contender for best pizza ever! And that should definitely be a 'when' you make it out here, not a 'should'. ;-)


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