Happy 5th of July!

I am ready for dinner! But I am waiting for my mother- and sister-in-law to arrive so we can figure out where we're going to eat. 

So, while I wait, I thought I would post my 4th of July nails - since I'm late posting them already. :-P Actually, the 4th was completely rained out, so we ended up going to the theater to see The Purge. Believe it or not, that was my first trip to the movies so far this year!  In retrospect, it was probably not worth the ticket price, but it was supposed to be a compromise with the husband since I'm always twisting his arm to see scary movies with me. 

I also got a wonderful mid-day surprise making it a very happy 5th of July indeed. Francisco stopped by at lunch with a couple of boxes of Abby Girl Sweets Cupcakes. These have been some of the tastiest cupcakes I can remember. They are flavorful and moist but not overly sweet, which is why I usually don't like cupcakes.


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