Sweet Heart Polish

In October, I won an awesome prize from Sweet Heart Polish. It arrived neatly packaged with the added bonus of some Halloween candy!
From left to right, I received Space Mystery, Mystery #16, and Holo - Take My Breath Away. 
I love most things purple, so my first choice of painting was fairly evident. :)
Left: Sunlight; Right: Shade
The formula was great, and I loved the color. I just checked out SweetHeartPolish's Etsy listings, and the version of Take My Breath Away listed there looks like an entirely different polish!  I am not sure if there's been a reformulation, but I really love the version I received. This was three easy coats - it's a little sheer as you paint it on, but it builds up easily.  It's a very pretty purple with flecks of shimmer, and it dries to an almost semi-matte finish. 

Since we were gearing up for Halloween, I was looking for any excuse to layer on Julep Sabrina.  An unexpected pairing, but I rather like it.
Left: Direct sunlight; Right: Indirect sunlight
 Next up was the Mystery #16. This was a very sheer glitter-packed blue polish.  On my index finger, this is about five coats of polish. You'll need at least that many to get decent opacity.  For the rest of my fingers, I painted on Zoya Evvie and layered this blue Mystery on top. Layering this polish will definitely reduce the number of coats you need.  The formula was good and the glitter was plentiful. 
Finally, we have Space Mystery, a black almost jelly-like polish with sparse glitter. This polish had the worst formula of the three; it was rather thick and goopy and the finish was a little lumpy. A polish thinner might be helpful.  It was pretty hard to get out the bigger pieces of glitter. So, not the best formula, but I still ended up liking it. And since I tried this polish closest to Halloween, I used it to create my holiday manicure as briefly featured here.


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