Christmas String of Lights

Merry Christmas um, month!  I love the holidays, and I am super-excited about them already. Especially because we have invited our families down to our new place in Cincy. Newish anyway. We've lived here over 6 months now. But while my brother and mom have made the trip to visit several times now, my dad and sister- and mother-in-law have only been out once, so it will be nice to have some more repeat visitors! Plus, we've never hosted Christmas before, partially out of tradition and partially out of just not having the space. It will be a nice change of pace, and maybe it'll spark some new traditions.  

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Chicagoland with our families, and then we put up our tree Sunday after getting home the night before.We still have more decorating to do around the house though.

I decided it would also be a fun idea to string some Christmas lights across my fingertips!

I used Candies Sandy Star Nail Polish as the base, drew on a string, and then dotted on lights in a variety of colors. As always, I learned how I would refine my technique in the future. Like make sure you leave a lot of down time between steps!


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