A couple of months ago, I won an amazing prize from Sweet Heart Polish that I featured in this post.  While I really liked the nail polishes I received, there were just a couple of issues with the formula. Cassandra from Sweet Heart Polish contacted me to offer me a polish in replacement.  She has so many amazing polishes in her Etsy shop (check it out here!), it was a tough choice, but I love glitter and Glamorous looked really promising!

It arrived in the mail with a little handwritten note - love the added touch of personalization!
As it turns out, I had just painted my nails with Butter LONDON's The Old Bill from my October BeautyBar box. So, I decided to just layer Glamorous over this. Pretty! There's a lot of gold glitter in Glamorous, so over a gold shade, this was slightly muted.
So, then I decided to go with Zoya Giovanna also from an October beauty subscription (ipsy). I think this emerald green shade really helps Glamorous pop.  The gold glitter pieces are highlighted, and you can see that there are also some purple and blue squares. 
Indirect sunlight
Artificial light
Overall, this polish had a good formula. There are some larger circle pieces and stars that can be harder to get on the nail, but a couple of coats will give you good glitter coverage. You just might have to do a little fishing to get any specific larger pieces. 

Thanks again, Cassandra!


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