2014 In Review

2014 seemed to fly by exceptionally quickly. Things really picked up around mid-year or so, and I still can hardly believe it's over. So, what did I do all year?

January - we had a very snowy winter in Ohio, and I loved the backyard at the house we were renting. Most mornings I started the day by pulling back the curtains to gaze at the snowy yard usually with a deer or two wandering about.
February was a quiet month where I definitely spent most of my time at home...which gave me time to participate in a nail art challenge. :)
March - I had a few job interviews as I started focusing more on my future career. And then, right at the end of the month, I was offered a position as a Financial Analyst at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. This meant we had to buy a new car, so we left the car dealership with a 2015 Mazda6!
Time had gotten away from us in March, so we headed to Tennessee in April for a belated 6-year anniversary celebration. We crammed in as much fun as possible for our anniversary, but the highlight was definitely the cabin we rented in the mountains.
May was a sad, sad month for us. Someone broke into our house while we were both at work, and left with the majority of our valued belongings. We then began the frenzied month of finding a new place to live, dealing with our renter's insurance and incompetent property management company, and then packing up everything to move into a condo in Mt. Airy.
June was my birthday month, which meant I cashed in on a whole lotta good eatin'! We moved into our condo at the beginning of the month, so much of our time was spent just getting settled.
My husband's birthday month (July) comes right after mine, I ended up ordering him some special macarons and introducing him to one of his new fave dessert options.
We traveled up to Chicago in August, and I was able to meet Grandpa Poncho (Francisco's grandfather who lives in Chile) for the first time...and I also kind of developed an obsession with the hummingbirds that would visit our condo.
In September, we traveled to Japan and China for our big trip of the year. The highlights of our trip were seeing Mt. Fuji and climbing the Great Wall.
My parents finally made it down for their first official visit in October, and we went to see Cirque du Soleil: Varekai.
I started a new job in early November when I accepted the position of Business Manager in Women's Health Services at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.  Later in the month, we went up to Chicago to have Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's new house.
We hosted my family again for Christmas. Even though my parents could only stay for a few hours, we had fun eating the yummy food that my husband made, drinking Christmas cocktails, exchanging a few gifts, and playing family games.
2015 has started out a bit bumpy, but the fact is that there will always be those bumps in the road in life. Looking forward to sharing another year with my best friend, Francisco, and making the most of life!


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