Birthday Macarons!

Love macarons!
Dana's Bakery
And I was betting on the husband loving them, too...cuz' I ordered him a Variety Pack from Dana's Bakery for an early birthday treat.
Dana's Bakery
This arrived at the door just in time to kick off his birthday week, and we managed to make them last all the way up to his birthday eve by just snacking on a couple a day.

Since it's kind of a special birthday, it being the last year of our 20s and all, I put together this little 'Bucket of Reflection and Inspiration' and filled it with some of Francisco's accomplishments over the past decade along with some goals to look forward to.
I also got him this cologne fragrance sampler from Sephora - and of course he loves his fancy popcorn!
hampton popcorn
My poor husband ended up having to work the entire weekend - there were apparently very important things going on at the hospital! But we had drinks and presents waiting for him as soon as he stepped in the door. :D


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