I hope everyone had a great holiday! Francisco took the week off between Christmas and New Year's, and I tried to get out of work as early as possible every day to maximize our time together. New Year's Eve was on a Thursday, and I worked a half-day and then we just went home and relaxed. I kid you not, we did not leave the house all New Year's weekend. We kicked off New Year's Day with mimosas - they were so good on Christmas, I decided I wanted to make more. :)
This paired perfectly with the tofu breakfast scramble that Francisco prepared for brunch.  And we totes finished up that bottle of champagne, no problem.
Even the kitties tried to get in on this goodness.
I couldn't come up with a New Year's resolution...I tend to set multiple goals for myself naturally with time anyway, so I guess this makes sense. In simplest terms, I decided my resolution was just To Try. To try to be a better employee, a more patient person, a more healthy person, to try to be positive. I've been in contact with an old friend, and the thing that makes the biggest impression on me is his NEGATIVITY. I've literally said to him, "friends are supposed to lift you up, not bring you down"...but I think that point was lost on him. I know some people just decide to cut people with toxic attitudes out of their life, but I find that approach a little harsh. If nothing else, I want to take his negativity and willingness to give up to motivate me to try to stay positive. Everyone has hardships and frustrations, but those people who never try to see the silver lining or improve their circumstances just tend to pull everyone down around them.  

We got soooo far behind on our advent calendar, we ended up finally getting caught up after brunch.
The rest of the weekend? Much lounging on our new couch. Jessica Jones. Scream Queens. American Horror Story. Everest. Etc. It was nice.
Wishing everyone a happy new year!


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