Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Insomnia [Cookies]

Snow + Cincinnati + driving is just not a good thing. I called Francisco three times this morning. Once when I was just pulling out of the driveway to ask how bad the roads were, and he assured me that they were fine. Once after going down a steep hill and then getting stuck going up the short hill at the bottom.  Mostly to assure him that no, the roads were not fine. And once after I got into a car accident coming up to the top of another hill. It was NOT a good morning.

The car in front of me stopped unexpectedly since someone decided to make a left-hand turn in front of them, and I had to slam on the brakes, but I didn't have anywhere near enough traction to stop in time. So, I exchanged information with the lady, but she said her car is fine - it's her husband's car that was already dinged up some already. My front bumper is dislodged somewhat, cracked, and there's a hole in it. I'm trying to chalk this up to 2015 was so bad that it's just having carryover effects into 2016. :P

I was kind of excited Friday because I got a raise. Woohoo, we're talking my first raise since like 2012?!  I was also feeling kind of lethargic, so I didn't really want to go out to eat, but I decided I wanted to get really good take-out if that's the route we were going. So, we got Insomnia Cookies (which I haven't had since our Purdue days) and some Gomez Salsa.  Dat peanut butter cup cookie doe. Sooooo good.
In the morning, we headed downtown for brunch at The Palace. Francisco ended up enjoying this place much more than I did, but that was kind of my own fault. I have a bit of an aversion to eggs, and everything we picked - from the Challah Bread Pudding to the French Toast Bagel and the Sweet Potato Hash - had egg as a defining ingredient. Other than that, it was a nice restaurant - classic and slightly upscale while still being affordable.
The Palace Challah Bread Pudding, French Toast Bagel, Sweet Potato Hash
We weren't our for very long - we went to the mall and picked up a couple of lotions during the final days of the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual sale and we stocked up on some groceries at Trader Joe's.

On Sunday morning, Francisco made a delicious breakfast of Swedish pancakes that put all the other breakfasts we've had lately to shame.
I had Monday off for MLK Day, but Francisco didn't, so I definitely missed my snuggle buddies.


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