2015 In Review

Oh, 2015...what a roller coaster you were...
January was filled with all kinds of badness and then one epic adventure. I had a heart episode that led to me ending up in Urgent Care and then repeat visits with a cardiologist.
But the doctor cleared me to go on our much-anticipated trip to Antarctica...so how awesome is that!!??
We realllly laid low in February. That first month of the year brought a lot of excitement, both good and bad.
My health issues decided they weren't done with me yet, and I came down with a super-headache in March that lasted for weeks. I ended up having to see a neurologist and concluding that 2015 was just a bad, bad health year for me.
Most notable in April is that I gave up caffeine, per doctor's orders.  I was willing to try anything to shake that persistent headache once and for all!
We went hiking at Red River Gorge and had my brother down to celebrate his Beerthday in May.
June was a busy month. We went to the Taste of Cincinnati, hiking at Hocking Hills, and went to see our first Cincinnati Reds game.
July started off promising, and then an already difficult year got all that much more heartbreaking when my beloved cat passed away unexpectedly. It's now been nearly a half-year, and I honestly still get choked up just thinking about Travyss.
Now, not that we were trying to rush anything, but in August, we ended up adopting a sweet and crazy kitten named Colby.
We took a mini-trip to Toronto and went kayaking for the first time in September with the boat I had gotten Francisco for his birthday.
My mom came down for her birthday in October, which we spent at the Spring Grove Cemetery and the Ohio Renaissance Festival...and we snuck in one more kayaking trip for the fall.
After many weeks of furniture shopping, we finally picked out our new couch in November and headed home for Thanksgiving.
In December, we learned the sad news that Grandpa Poncho had passed. We finally wrapped up our table revamp project just in time to host Christmas for my family.
I have no clue what 2016 holds and that's a little terrifying. We've at least had some idea in the past of what continent we were going to visit, where we were going to live...this year, everything is up in the air. Sadly, it's not starting out to be as good of a year as I'd hoped. I've had some health challenges and recently learned that my aunt was diagnosed with cancer and isn't expected to live much longer. We're only a few weeks into the year, so I'm still trying to hold out hope that things will turn around. 


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