Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Labor Day 2016

We were both able to sneak out of work early, so we decided to head up to Columbus for lunch/dinner. Columbus is always further than I think it is, so I need to remind myself that this may not be the best idea - it's nearly a two hour drive between cities.  Melt Bar & Grilled is hands-down our fave place to eat in Columbus, and our lunch was no disappointment.  I had the Winner Winner "Anniversary" Chicken Dinner, which is possibly the most delicious sandwich ever.
They offer half sandwiches now, but not for the monthly features, and Francisco insisted that he needed to try a different grilled cheese, so he went with the Cleveland Cheese Steak. The best part is that almost anything can be made vegetarian here! I subbed out my fries for the Cheesy Cheddar Broccoli, and of course we went home with tons of leftovers.
Melt Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Cleveland Cheese Steak Cheesy Cheddar Broccoli
Of course we weren't leaving town without stopping for some delicious Jeni's. I had the Strawberries & Cream Sundae, and Francisco had the Gooey Butter Cake Sundae.
Jeni's Strawberries & Cream Sundae Gooey Butter Cake Sundae
On Saturday morning, we headed to Metamora, Indiana, a historic canal town. This small town [population 188] was once a stop along the Whitewater Canal, and it is now primarily dependent on tourism.  I will post a full review of our little trip and link to it here.
Metamora, Indiana
Since it was nearby, we stopped at Brookville Lake just to scope it out and see if it might be a good spot for kayaking.  We had brought the kayak, but honestly, I felt a bit intimidated looking at the water lapping on the shore and the number of sizable boats on the water. I'm much more used to our little lake in Kentucky! We ended up not going, but I think I'm willing to give it a go some other time - hopefully it'll be less crowded when it's not a holiday weekend. And hey, that's why life jackets were invented, right?
We decided that a much better use of our time was mixing up Sgroppinos, which were heavily influenced by the signature cocktails we had at Via Vite a few weeks prior.  I didn't want to buy grapefuit vodka because I didn't want a ton leftover, so we just bought a bottle of vodka and some grapefruits. We also couldn't find the Madisono's ruby red sorbet, so we picked up the Strawberry Lemonade flavor instead.
The weather was amazing, so we were even able to sit out on the deck for a while.
The kitty cats certainly appreciated this!
Sunday was deep cleaning the carpets day. We're trying to make sure our kitties are flea-free going forward. We've also had an influx of these little buggers below. We've seriously killed well over a dozen in just a few days. Luckily, we haven't seen any new appearances this week. We haven't been able to ascertain how they were getting in in the first place, but at least they've seemed to stop coming in for now!
For lunch, we went to Elephant Walk - we've been there once before for Ethiopian food, and Francisco remembered it fondly.  We shared the Ayib Begomen, dried curds of Ethiopian cheese and purified butter with collard greens + red peppers. He had the Veggie Plate with red lentil misir, split yellow peas, collard greens and cabbage shiro with house salad. I ordered from the Northern Indian side of the menu and had Shahi Paneer.  I found my food to be a little bland, and I was less than impressed overall.  You do get a ton of food though!
Elephant Walk
We stopped next door at Orange Leaf. They now have a set price per cup instead of a weigh-in scale. Which I don't like as much. I'd prefer to pick up a large cup and stuff it as full as I'd like rather than try to maximize my value by squeezing as much as I can into a small cup.
Orange Leaf
Our next homemade ice cream at home was coffee-flavored. This is probably my overall favorite flavor because I love mixing in everything from Oreos to hot fudge and caramel sauce into my ice cream - the subtle sweetness and light bitter flavor is an excellent complement to all these sweet toppings.
Francisco surprised me by purchasing a new video game for us called Overcooked, so we spent a fair amount of time playing that and yelling at each other to 'put down the rice!' We watched In the Heart of the Sea and just tried to relax and enjoy our extra day of weekend as much as possible.


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