Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Corn Ice Cream

We made double-sure we had the RIGHT gift card in hand - ok, we almost left home without it - and headed downtown to Via Vite for dinner. This restaurant is located on Fountain Square, so we already expected parking to be challenging, but I guess we also happened to be downtown for a Bengals game as there were a lot of people walking around in orange and black and lots of signs for Event parking. We managed to find a meter a few blocks away, so it wasn't too bad.
Via Vite
We walked into a fairly small dining room - it looks like there might be more seating upstairs, but I'm not positive. For cocktails, I had the Scroppino, their signature drink which consists of grapefruit vodka, Madisono's ruby red grapefruit sorbet, and Prosecco. Talk about delicious - the bitterness of the grapefruit was perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the sorbet! Francisco had the Aperol Spritz, which consisted of Aperol, Prosecco, and soda - basically, it tasted like wine and club soda.
Scroppino Aperol Spritz
The meal included complimentary bread, which was soft on the inside with a nice crust and served with olive oil for dipping. We shared the Seared Artichokes and Crispy Gnocchi. The artichokes were well done with a nice sear. The gnocchi was delicious, little pillows of potato pasta with a light crispness.

We selected the Bianco Mangiare for dessert, a Sicilian almond milk pudding with bourbon-maple syrup and candied almonds. This had a deep flavor, similar to amaretto, but I found it to be a touch too sweet.  All in all, a delicious meal!
Seared Artichokes Crispy Gnocchi Bianco Mangiare
We headed out to Jungle Jim's on Saturday with our main goal of picking up ice cream and margarita ingredients. Francisco commented on how ridiculous I was in that I had proclaimed I would drink less alcohol cuz' those excess liquid calories were catching up to me and we ended up doing tequila shots lol.  So, maybe we'll shoot for cocktails only every other weekend. Maybe not. We'll see. ;-)

Anyways, we saw that Jeni's had a new flavor of ice cream called Sun-Popped Corn Ice Cream, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it...although we were planning on making our own corn ice cream. This tasted like popcorn-flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans to me.
Our version of corn ice cream was Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry. The subtle sweetness of corn really elevates this unique dessert.
The saddest soggy single-eyed squirrel invaded the bird feeder on Sunday, but seeing his missing eye, I didn't have the heart to shoo him away
Weekend snaps:
Me relatively normal; Perplexed and puffy; Manly lmao


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