Fall Road Trip 2016: Asheville

While I had originally thought we would head into the city of Asheville first and then see some of the natural attractions, we ended up heading straight for the scenery. One of our first stops was Looking Glass Falls.
We stopped at many scenic overlooks, because, well, that's what we were here for!
Cold Mountain
Pounding Mill Overlook
Looking Glass Rock
East Fork Overlook
Da colors doe
Haha, it got super-windy some places
Probably the most activity we had was hiking to the bottom of a waterfall and climbing around on the rocks.  It was really cold, so we were hiking FAST.
Once I was thoroughly nauseated from all the twisty-turny mountain driving, we headed into town for some foods! :D We were intending to just grab a couple donuts to go from Hole, but I had apparently missed the part where these donuts are made fresh to order. We picked out the Toasted Almond Sesame with Cinnamon and the Sugar donut; since they were hot and fresh, we couldn't resist digging into a hefty portion of these pastries.
We did a better job of sticking with our objective of just getting donuts to go at Vortex Doughnuts. I do not remember the flavors that we got. I think it was a Salted Caramel, Pumpkin-something, and um, obviously something with pretzels and nuts.  [Excellent blogging skills right there.]
We were saving room to eat at Rosetta's Kitchen, an eclectic restaurant in downtown Asheville. I'm a tacoholic, so I was all over the vegan chorizo tacos. Francisco got the Iron Skillet Corn Bread and the Peanut Butter Baked Tofu.
We still saved room for Ultimate Ice Cream on our way out of town.
We were going to go to the Biltmore Estate AKA America's Largest Home, but apparently, it is $75.00 per person, and that was WAY more than we wanted to spend. So, we began our drive home and listened to many more podcasts along the way.


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