Mystery Notes

So, this was actually my August surprise, but I've had a pending folder sitting on my desktop for a couple months now that is finally going to get some attention.

It started with a mysterious note wrapped around my silverware in my lunch bag. Below is the note, which reads:
A mystery is afoot.
Are you interested?
There is opportunity for intrigue, for mischief, for feats of intellect and wit.
I will contact you shortly.
The choice is yours."
Admittedly, ending it on "the choice is yours note" brought to mind Saw feats, but luckily, it never got that intense.

There were many different puzzles to solve.
And rewards along the way.
This clue definitely led me to something interesting...
...Colby wearing sunglasses and giving me some puzzling clues. I had to listen to this one a few times and write down the message to figure it out.
At one point, I settled in to watch a few YouTube videos after work, and lo and behold, my YouTube playlist had been hijacked with some interesting videos inserted at the top of the list.
My capstone prize ended up being a new radio for the bedroom. My old one had a tendency to get horrendously staticky. Sadly, this one isn't much better, so it may just be a bad spot for reception.
All in all, I think Francisco had a lot of fun with this month of puzzles even though it was challenging to be creative. I walked around with a big dopey grin every time I would uncover another clue - it was definitely a fun challenge!


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