Pre-Christmas 2016

We had Francisco's family down the weekend before Christmas, and I was so excited to have them over for the holidays! I was hoping they would get here earlier in the day on Friday, but they didn't arrive until after 8:00, so Francisco and I just grabbed a quick dinner at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse.
I caught sight of this giant balloon Frosty as we were leaving the mall, and I had to run back in for a picture.  There was a sign posted that said: "Warning! Do not enter if you have latex allergies."
Once our guests arrived, the kitties really weren't sure what to make of Bella!
Our first and only stop Saturday was Jungle Jim's - we realized we had never taken Nick there and there was a good chance he would love the beer section. I explained that this place is so huge that there is even a map just for the beer aisles.  He was impressed and made himself a beer sampler. We bypassed the American section and went for the authentic Hispanic section to buy ingredients for tostadas.
Back at home, Francisco mixed up some margaritas and started cooking.
Me & Jaz
After some food and drinks, we opened our presents. Francisco received an Amazon Echo Dot from his mom, which kept us entertained as we had it tell us jokes and weather updates and play music.
We played a few games, a little bit of Wii karaoke, and drank many margaritas. It was such a good night!
Nick; Martha; Francisco; Bella; Jazmine; Me
In the morning, Francisco made us breakfast and we watched Love Actually before they headed back home.  Good times always fly by, and I thought this was an especially nice holiday!  


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