My [Top 6] Favorite YouTubers

For starters, we should talk about how I watch YouTube. I don't have cable, so YouTube has definitely become a TV show replacement for me.  I have a Smart TV with a YouTube app, so I generally organize my Watch Later list on a computer and then stream it through my TV. I also created a separate list {Together} for the videos that Francisco and I will watch together.

At this point, I'm subscribed to 84 YouTubers, and I'll review my Subscriptions list regularly to see what new videos have been released that I want to add to my queue.  There are definitely some YouTubers that I like more than others, and #1 on that list would be: Jenna Marbles.
I couldn't even tell you when I first started watching Jenna's videos. It's been years, but I'd probably guess that the Drunk Makeup Tutorial video was one of the first. We usually save her videos for when we're having a Saturday date night in; I find her extra enjoyable after a couple of drinks lol. I don't know how to describe Jenna other than her videos are pure unadulterated fun madness, and no one compares to her.

After Jenna, there is seriously a huge gap between who I would consider my next favorite YouTuber. So, I will say that the remainder of this list is roughly in order of favorites but probably not entirely so.
Nicole Skyes is pretty wacky, too, but not on the same level as Jenna. I feel like Nicole's audience probably skews a little younger. Nicole is fun, and she's always trying new things. She does a lot of DIYs on her channel and is always mixing it up, whether she's bathing in hot Cheetos or applying over 200 coats of lipstick.  
Gone with the Wynns is a recent channel we started following after we specifically sought out more travel YouTubers. This channel is about a couple who is currently living on a sailboat - with their cats! Francisco and I watch this channel together, and I venture to say that he might even be a bigger fan than I am. He is constantly joking about how we should become the Wynns lol.
Francisco was definitely a bigger fan of Good Mythical Morning when we first stumbled across them, but I've come to enjoy them more and more with each new video. Rhett and Link are two friends who create Internet entertainment such as eating animal hearts and smelling their co-workers' pee. They have great rapport and definitely aren't afraid to do crazy stuff.
I only recently started following Anna Akana, but she has been climbing the ranks for me. She was in the movie Dirty 30, which features several YouTubers (including Rhett and Link!). This is how I was first exposed to her.  Her videos are short, which is great if you have a short attention span like me. But they are professionally executed and sarcastically humorous.
RachhLoves makes a lot of make-up videos, which I used to be really into; I've definitely shifted my attention away from these kinds of videos since I realized how much they just made me want to buy stuff!  However, Rachel also posts a lot of general lifestyle videos, and I'm a fan of her Pinterest test videos. For me, this one boils down to personality. Rachel seems very genuine and kind in her videos. She is thorough in her reviews, and I just appreciate how down-to-earth she is.  

There is definitely a good deal of variety to be found in my subscription list - from the off-the-wall nonsense to the practical to the inspirational. Some of my runner-up faves would be Eleventh Gorgeous, two sisters who primarily do beauty reviews (but do mix it up with other content); Rachel & Jun, a Japanese/American couple living in Japan; Just Between Us, an odd couple comedy channel; and Samuel and Audrey, a travel blogging couple.

What YouTubers do you love? Have you ever turned to YouTube for replacement of traditional TV entertainment?


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