When Your Tastes Change

Something interesting happened in the past few weeks. I was at home on a Friday, and Francisco and I were trying to figure out what to do for dinner. We decided that he would pick up take-out, and interestingly, I was thinking that ramen would taste good. I was completely randomly having a craving for Asian food...you have to understand that I have never liked Asian food.  Even when planning our trip to Japan and China, I completely owned up to the fact that I was definitely not going there for the food and was mostly dreading that part.

We weren't sure where would be best to get take-out ramen, but I did see that there was a BIBIBOP Asian Grill in Clifton where it would be relatively easy for Francisco to swing by. They even had an Order Online option, so I could pick out what I wanted in advance since I wouldn't be there in person.
BIBIBOP Asian Grill
But things get more crazy; there is actual sushi involved.  Obviously, I'm a vegetarian, so my sushi isn't going to be anything too insane, but just the fact that we stopped to get some Piada Italian Street Food and decided we'd pop into the fast-casual sushi chain Fusian first is remarkable.
It didn't end there.  We purchased a Groupon for FusaBowl that Saturday. This Chinese-Japanese restaurant is right down the road from us - $12.00 for three Groupons good for $7.00 worth of Asian fusion cuisine each is a good deal.  We used the first one for a bowl the day we bought it, and we just used the second one for more sushi last weekend. Admittedly, this may not be the most "authentic" Asian food, but hey, it's a start!
I don't know about you, but I find that my tastes change periodically, and it's nice to check in with my taste buds every once in a while.  Just over the past year, I realized that I don't hate Brussels Sprouts as much as I thought I did and hey, gin is an alcohol I can actually enjoy while I used to always bypass it based on my first sips of Tanqueray back in college. Some things may never change - celery and fried eggs are the devil's foods and will probably always be that way. But I'm sure I'll check in with my taste buds again at some point and reassess. Sometimes you don't actually KNOW what you think you know - you might come to find you actually like something you thought you didn't. But please at least be willing to try - and try again, if possible!


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