Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Chili & Rigatoni Pie

We used our last FusaBowl Groupon on Friday and got some sushi for dinner.
I'd been hearing a lot of buzz about the new Gold Star vegetarian chili, so since we had no better lunch ideas, Francisco ran out and picked us up a 3-way and a couple of shakes.
I've tried both the regular vegetarian version here as well as the Skyline offering, and they are both so, so different from this new offering. I'm guessing the new Gold Star option is much closer to traditional Cincinnati chili. It has a bit of spice with a distinctive cinnamon flavor. The previous vegetarian versions both prominently feature beans in their recipes, and after trying this new option, I think prefer the originals that I've tried. You can read about our full Cincinnati chili taste test here.

Yes, we were having Gold Star, but we had a Skyline Chili onesie laying around, so of course these kitties had to suffer for our entertainment lol.
Since I always love trying new recipes, we also made this Cheesy Rigatoni Pie on Sunday night. It worked well for dinner, plus we had leftovers for lunch for a couple days. It seems a little tedious to stand all the little pasta noodles on end, but I think it really helps the sauce get in there. We used some Beyond Meat Beefy Crumble we had picked up at Target, but I might opt out from including any meat if we made this again or maybe sub in some tofu.
We've definitely been having low-key weekends lately, but after a headache that lasted through most of last week, I was pretty okay with just staying home.  We still got to try some new things!


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