Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: America's Largest Alcohol Store

We were in Newport for lunch and were planning to run to the grocery store afterwards. We knew we also needed to restock on tequila and rum and remembered that The Party Source was nearby. The liquor selection at grocery stores can be abysmal, so I decided to stop here instead.  

First things first, our lunch was delicious. We went to Press on Monmouth after seeing a recent blog post about it. We've passed this place a few times, but I think I'd written them off as a basic sandwich shop or something.  I went with the Grippos Crusted Mac & Cheese. My mac and cheese wasn't heated through; we mentioned this to the staff, and they were appropriately apologetic and made sure it was brought back out piping hot.  On the menu, it lists Brussels Sprouts Loaded Tots; I didn't realized this was basically like a tot waffle covered in Brussels Sprouts, tomato, artichokes, parmesan, and pesto. How novel is that! It was very tasty. I'm glad we stopped in and gave this place a shot instead of dismissing them as basic.
Press on Monmouth Grippos Mac & Cheese Brussels Sprouts Loaded Tots
We couldn't actually remember the name of the liquor store, but Francisco remembered how to get there.
This was the sign I noticed as we walked up to the store:
The Party Source
This place is definitely spacious. I always think of Jungle Jim's as having a sizable alcohol section, but much of their square footage is devoted to wine and beer. The Party Source has wayyyy more variety.  
The Party Source
They have other party supplies as well as a small grocery section, but they really rock it in the spirits department. If you have an appreciation for alcohol variety and a broad selection, I highly recommend checking this place out.  I know we've been here at least once before, and that was because they were the only store in the region to stock Chilean pisco.  

We played a few games and make some Salty Dogs to wrap up our Saturday, but we've yet to crack open that rum or tequila. Anyone up for shots? ;)  
Look, it's starting to get green outside!


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