Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Easter Saturday

My husband greeted me at the door Friday after work with a glass of wine. He had managed to get out of work hours earlier and was working on surprising me with a meal of homemade spaghetti and gnocchi. We've been talking about making homemade pasta for a while now, and he finally made this happen.
This is actually his second attempt at making gnocchi, and I can definitely say that it turned out much better this time around. Homemade spaghetti probably needs work, but there's always a lot of room for error the first time you attempt to cook something new. The fried sage he served the gnocchi with was tasty and a nice complement to the pasta.
He also got me this beautiful, bright bouquet of flowers.
My parents drove down Saturday for their first visit of the year. We had our Easter lunch first, then watched some old family videos they had brought with them. Unfortunately, my mom had brought the wrong videos for the primary ones I was interested in, so hopefully she's able to find the right tapes. While I had expected more rain in the forecast, we were actually able to move our family game day outside.
It's still an adjustment not having my brother around for the holidays, but we somehow managed to have a little bit of fun without him. 


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