Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Sick April Fool

March ended on a bit of a lackluster note with me not feeling good one week and then Francisco coming down with a sore throat the next. He decided he could power through a margarita for our Friday date night at Frida 602.  Everything was delicious as usual, and I especially love their queso.
Frida 602
We already had a dessert plan as Francisco had stopped at O Pie O and picked us up four slices of pie as a surprise. We dug into the lemon one first; that one or the chocolate ended up being my favorite.
O Pie O
Saturday was April Fool's Day, which is a 'holiday' I usually forget about. I decided it would be fun to actually try and prank Francisco. I started using plastic wrap to seal all of his bottles in his shower - the idea being that he would squeeze the bottle and nothing would come out. He was completely oblivious. I don't know if he just squeezed extra hard and broke through the plastic, but he never even noticed. I even asked him later if he'd encountered any complications in his shower. Nada! If you are thinking of doing this prank, use a thick layer of plastic wrap just in case.

While he was showering, I grabbed a roll of thread and the tape dispenser and taped the thread to the door frame for him to walk into when he exited the bathroom. I was upstairs in my bathroom getting ready, and as soon as I heard him shut off his exhaust fan, I scurried over to the stairs. I heard him say 'what the $%&*' as he came out, and he admitted that he did have a momentary thought that it was a spider web when he first walked into it. Success!

I attempted to do this again when he went to the bathroom later, but the kitties were playing with the spool of thread, and they ruined my plans. However, I did use my time wisely and poured salt into his water bottle. This worked out perfectly! He took a drink of water and then walked straight over to the sink to rinse his mouth out.

Admittedly, I am NOT the most creative when it comes to thinking up pranks, but I found this all highly amusing lol!

We made a quick trip to Jungle Jim's - mostly to stock up on Jeni's ice cream, which was on sale for $6.99 a pint. I was dying to try Super Moon, one of their new releases, so we got that along with three other flavors. [Their max quantity for purchase was 4 at this price!]
Jeni's Super Moon
We just had a quick dinner of Fusian [sushi] and Bibibop [bowl]. We ordered online, and I basically selected all the toppings for Bibibop, which I will never, ever do again. First of all, I had never tried daikon, and you know how I love trying new things! It made my bowl smell a bit...rotten and had kind of a vinegary taste to it. I HATED the eggs, and the cucumber, carrots, and kale did nothing for me. So, basically I would just get corn and cheese next time lol.
Fusian Bibibop
Francisco got tired and cranky, so he ended up going to bed around 5:00 or so. I think turning in early ended up helping because he was seeming much more like himself on Sunday. We ordered some cheese wedges and a pizza from Krimmer's Italianette to round off the weekend.


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