Signs You May Be Addicted to Your Fitbit

Honestly, I wasn't terribly interested in using a Fitbit...until I tried one. I didn't think they were worth the cost, but our wellness program at work definitely made up for that concern. Our company uses Virgin Pulse, so I regularly earn points I can cash out, and I've even won some bonus gift cards. After having used a Fitbit for a couple of years, something definitely feels off if I don't have it on me. I've definitely noticed some changes in my behavior, like...

1. You Double-Tap Your Wrist in the Shower
For someone who likes to monitor their heart rate on the regular, this is a handy feature. But I've definitely caught myself trying to check my heart rate when I'm showering and don't have my Fitbit on me.

2. You Won't Leave Home Without It
Of course, this means turning around to go back and get it if you discover you've managed to leave the house without first affixing this handy little gadget to your wrist.

3. Conversations Revolve Around It
My husband and I have had complete conversations regarding how many steps we've taken that day, how many staircases we've climbed, etc. It can become a bit of a competition with the winner earning bragging rights for the night.

4. It's a Travel Essential
I mentioned that I won't leave home without it, but I should also mention that I won't leave the COUNTRY without it. Of course, we took ours with us on our last trip and definitely checked in every night to see just how much of the UK and Ireland we were traversing on foot.  Annoying to have to bring another charger, but that's the only downfall.
5. You Don't Let Your Pets Wear It
We've joked countless times about how we should just strap a Fitbit on Colby and we'll easily get all our steps covered in a day. That cat is constantly on patrol, running up and down the stairs. But, even though that would be a nice boost to our stats, I never follow through on this because (a) that would be cheating, (b) these cats are liable to chew on the rubber strap or lose it somewhere, and (c) your wrist would feel so nekkid without it. However, the most important reason might be that our cats would make us look bad if you compare our level of activity vs. theirs.

6. You Get Really Excited When Your Wrist Vibrates
Yaasss, I just hit 10,000 steps!

7. It's Strangely Gratifying to be Able to Enumerate Just How Badly You Slept Last Night
8. You Know Exactly How Long of a Walk It is From the Parking Lot to Your Office
As well as the route you take everyday on your lunchtime walk.
I'm happy to see every new badge pop up, and I definitely think the Fitbit has been a positive influence in my everyday life! Addicted? Now that's a strong word...but I definitely prefer to keep this activity tracker strapped on to capture every step of every day.  


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