Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Mother's Day Surprise

We decided to head back home and surprise our moms for Mother's Day last weekend. We had intended to go up on Friday, but we were both not feeling so well. Just tired and headachey after a long week of work.  We decided to just go up Saturday morning instead. Our first stop was my parents' house. Francisco had called my dad ahead of time to let him know that we would likely be stopping by as a surprise. We got there a little before noon and tried to sneak in the back door. Their dogs immediately started barking, so that wasn't working out so well lol. Luckily, my mom was upstairs, so she didn't hear anything.
We brought a homemade lemon coconut cake and a couple presents for my dad since his birthday is coming up in a couple weeks.  Chances are we won't be able to make it up back up again so soon.
We were able to spend a couple hours there and then we headed to my mother-in-law's house a little after 2:00. We had conspired with Francisco's brother Nick to surprise his mom and sister. Nick was coming down from Chicago, and Jazmine was supposed to pick him up at the train station, so our plan was to surprise his mom while she was home alone and then surprise Jaz once she got back to the house. Turns out that both his mom and sister had gone to the train station, so no one was there when we arrived and we were stuck waiting in the backyard. There are definitely inherent risks in surprises lol.  At least it was a nice day to wait outside!
I think there was genuine surprise when they pulled up the driveway, and me, my mom, and Francisco were standing in the backyard. I was definitely looking forward to seeing my SIL to celebrate her first Mother's Day.
I'd made a card for Jaz that didn't turn out exactly as I'd hoped, but when I'd procrastinated up to so close to when we were leaving, we were all but out of time. It's the thought that counts, right?
We were able to enjoy a few hours in the backyard with everyone until around 6:00 or so. We realized that it was at the time where we could make the drive back home and it not be horribly late, but we were going to have to leave ASAP. I could feel yesterday's headache creeping back in, and Francisco always would prefer to sleep in our own bed, so we decided to just drive back that same day. Probably not a good decision because I ended up getting really sick to my stomach. It is nice to have Sunday home all to ourselves, but I was sooo tired all day.

As always, it would have been nice to have more time, but our weekends are so short already and our visits are much more enjoyable when we're feeling better. I'm still glad we got to see our moms and my SIL, and I hope they were surprised!  


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