Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Foray into Vlogging

In case y'all didn't know, I've started posting vlogs on my YouTube channel. My video for May is below, and it ended up being kind of long since it was just one video for the whole month. I don't feel like I have enough content to do weekly vlogs - let's face it: it's work all week then a lot of lounging around and eating too much food on the weekends. So...I'm not exactly sure how this will evolve, but I was having a lot of fun digging through our video archives, reliving recorded moments, and editing our filmed content; I thought this would be a fun way to capture and display memories.
Anyways, Saturday began with surprise Holtman's donuts from Francisco.
This worked well for a quick breakfast before we headed out for our first kayaking trip of the year.
Of course I had my eyes peeled for wildlife, and we spotted this heron pretty early on.
Heron Doe Run Lake
This turtle was modeling for us for a while.
Francisco jumped in for a little while.
The weekend definitely got hot, and once it started getting into the 70s in the house, we turned on the air conditioner...and then realized it wasn't actually cooling down. We tried a couple of different things and Googled it but realized something was definitely wrong. We decided not to call our landlords until Sunday afternoon because we still wanted all day Sunday to ourselves and didn't want them to end up coming over to try to address the problem in the middle of the weekend. The warmest it got - or at least the highest temp we saw on the thermostat - was 82 degrees. We just relocated to the lower level for most of the day where it's generally several degrees cooler.  Bonus points for renting and not owning, so we didn't have to stress about the repairs! The landlord stopped by with a repair guy Monday, and they were able to get it up and running in short order.


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