Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Pre-Gaming

Most of our weekends have been pretty quiet this year, so this may have been our biggest one yet. It was my pre-birthday weekend, so first on the agenda was renewing our driver's licenses before they expired [which is apparently always on your birthday]. Still a little crazy to realize it's been FOUR YEARS since we moved to Ohio.  Sheesh, that's just a couple years shy of our time in West Lafayette.

After getting our errands done, we went downtown to The Rook, the Cincinnati Board Game Parlor.  This is a favorite of ours, although we've only been there a time or two. Along with a couple rounds of drinks, we even tried a full meal this time. I wasn't really expecting much of their food, but let me tell you how impressed I was. Everything was super-fresh!  We had a veggie sandwich that basically tasted like a Caprese Salad on bread. We got this with a side of tots, which seemed to be homemade. After an hour or so of game play, we also ordered some Mediterranean Pizza Rolls.
The Rook, the Cincinnati Board Game Parlor
 We played several games before we decided to walk down the street to 16-Bit Bar + Arcade.
We just stayed for a couple drinks since we'd only added an hour to the parking meter.
It was a fun time as always! We made sure to hit up our favorites like Dig Dug and BurgerTime.
Before heading home, we stopped at Gomez Salsa for a Turtle.
Gomez Salsa Turtle
And we even swung by Dojo Gelato since it had been so good the week before. Unfortunately, I didn't love it as much as my last order, but it was just a reminder that I'm not a big fan of chocolate ice cream.
Dojo Gelato


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