Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Tickle Pickle & Dojo Gelato

We had a Groupon for Tickle Pickle sitting around for a while, so we finally put it to use (expect to see it in an upcoming vlog!). I've been so focused on video lately that I've been forgetting to take good photos.
Tickle Pickle
I had the Buns N Rose (a vegan black bean burger) with cheese along with a side of Mac N Cheese. Unfortunately, my burger was mostly cold, so I didn't love it. However, the mac n cheese was creamy and tasty with a peppery taste - it was a steal at only $2.00.  Francisco had the Coney Bennett with a vegan hot dog. He thinks this is the Field Roast Frankfurter, which is his fave.  This came with a side of chips, and he chose the barbecue flavor. These turned out to be Grippos, and their barbecue flavor is quite spicy! I think he regretted this decision.  It doesn't look like I got a picture, but we also got the Goobie Brothers (peanut butter and oreo) Shake. THIS was the highlight of the meal - great flavor!  

I've driven past Dojo Gelato in Northside numerous times on the way to and from work. I'd been anxiously awaiting their opening...then they opened, and it still took me forever + a day to finally make it over there. I've tried their food truck offerings before, and I was so happy to give them another try cuz' they were super tasty. Francisco had a scoop of the special that day that I think featured Oreos and peanut butter (are you seeing a trend here?), and I had the Elm & Elder Sundae. OMFG, this has all the things I love: sea salt caramel gelato, strawberrty compote, marcona almonds, whipped cream, and amarena cherry. OK, I don't actually love almonds, but I decided to leave them on this sundae, and I didn't regret it.
Dojo Gelato
This was probably the most we've gone out to eat in a long while - two restaurants in one weekend lol!


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