Ohio River Flooding

Last Sunday, we drove down to the Ohio River. Alexa has announced that there is a flood warning every time I ask for a weather report, but I paid little attention to it; we live at the top of a hill, so I don't think flooding will ever be an issue for us. I saw a post or two on Facebook, but it wasn't until Francisco's friend (who lives near Chicago, a few hours away) texted him to ask if the flooding was bad by us (because he apparently heard about it on the news!) did we think to go check it out. 
Our drive downtown was exceptionally short with the light weekend traffic. I have a backlog of podcasts to listen to with Francisco, and we only managed to get through 10 minutes of Stuff You Should Know: How Vomit Phobia Works.  We headed straight across the river into Covington, Kentucky, so we could view the river with Cincinnati as the backdrop.  We found parking and were a little amused to see all the other spectators who were there to check out the extent of the river flooding as well.
It was actually worse than I expected. We're not especially familiar with the riverfront, but there looked to be an entire street underwater.
As evidenced by the partially submerged stop sign, lamp posts, and historical markers. 
We drove further down the road to Newport, an area where we've definitely spent more concentrated time visiting restaurants, events, the aquarium, etc. In 2014, we went to Glier's Goettafest along the Newport riverfront. In the first picture below, you can see that we wouldn't have even been able to make it all the way down the stairs to this event, given the current flooding conditions. 
Unfortunately, I don't have pics that line up exactly for a really clear comparison shot, but you can get a decent idea - like how there's room for an entire summer festival in this area under normal conditions, but now it's entirely underwater!
Also, not sure that this is the exact same lamp post in each pic below, but definitely gives you some context - and you can see how much higher the water level is by the Purple People Bridge!
This location of Hooters probably hasn't seen much business lately.
In fact, I checked their website, and it says they're closed due to inclement weather conditions. 
Needless to say, it sucks for the businesses and families impacted by this flooding. I suppose that is a risk that needs to be considered if you choose to live close to any body of water. Francisco and I thought we would be the only weirdos checking out the flooding when we drove over there, but we were surprised to see a decent-sized crowd along the river.


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